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Internal department treat and care for the patients who are vietnamese or foreigner, they come from many countries in the world such as England, France, America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea,…
Our Hospital have high quality sick-room system and medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment, leading faculty of doctors and experts with high expertise, enthusiasm and continuously striving for the benefit of patients, profestional customer care service and reasonable price.
Care and treatment for the diseases surgery:
- Neurology
- Digestion
- Respiratory
- Dermatology
- Endocrinology
- Kidney Urinary
- Internal joints
- Cardiology


+ High Blood pressure
+ Blood disorders
+ The coronary artery disease: angina, myocardial infarction, ...
+ Consulting and screening for coronary artery disease with CT scanner 128 slice
+  The diseases arrhythmia
+  The heart valve diseases
+  Congenital heart diseases
+  Heart Failure
+ The vascular diseases
+ The diseases stroke or stroke
+ Consulting before and after cardiac surgery
+ Consulting before and after intervention of coronary artery diseases

+ Joints
+ PCE 
+ PAA 
+ Goute
+ OA injury
+ Degenerative arthritis
+ Osteoporosis

+ Renal inflammation
+ Nephrotic syndrome
+ Kidney failure 

+ Diabetes
+ Adrenal tumors
+ Goitre

+ Mushrooms
+ Skin Parasites
+ Tuberculosis
+ Disease Indigo

+ Asthma and airways allergenic.
+ Lung cancer COPD, lung rehabilitation, smoking lessation
+ Bronchitis
+ Asthma
+ Pulmonary tuberculosis
+ Lung Mushrooms

+ Gastrointestinal diseases
+ Stomach - intestine
+ Colonopathy, rectum
+ Colonopathy stimulate
+ Chronic Pancreatitis

+ Check screening and treatment for stroke prevention.
+ The diseases dementia, memory loss.
+ The headaches, migraines, chronic headaches.
+ Sleep disorders, insomnia.
+ Epilepsy for adults and children.
+ Vestibular disorders, vertigo.
+ Paralytic nerve pain, nape shoulder pain, arm neuralgia.

Our sole focus at Tam Tri Da Nang General Hospital is patient-centric care: superior quality medical care with all the comforts. We put you first. On a daily basis, our standards and practices are of the highest international level. In accordance with our transparent invoicing process, all charges will be explained to you prior to commencement of any procedures or medication.
The full room services include a choice of rooms to satisfy everyone’s needs; excellent cuisine served in the ward rooms (included in the charges), cable television in rooms, free ADSL internet facilities in the rooms.

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Wish you a pleasant stay and a full and speedy recovery.
Tam Tri Da Nang General Hospital is fully equipped to care for all your medical treatment and monitoring needs. All of our ward rooms are clean and spacious. The room facilities include cable television, direct dial telephones, free ADSL internet access, individual control air-conditioning, nurse call systems and suite bathrooms. The room charges are inclusive of 24-hour nursing care, specified disposables – such as IVs, catheters, syringes and bandages, service charges for in-room amenities, and, three hot meals per day served at your bedside by our in-house catering staff. Free toiletry items (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, tooth paste, comb, shower gel, hairdryer and slippers).
The VIP room and an adjacent single room can be booked together. The single room can be equipped as an office (desk, chair, arm chair etc) where the VIP, a relative or a personal staff member can work and receive guests. This single room can also be used as a guest room, where an overnight visitor can sleep.

All VIP services, including meals, are extended to the guest staying in the additional room.
I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit) for those in need of special care and observation, we have a state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit, equipped with the most advanced monitoring and resuscitation equipment available. All of our ICU rooms are designed to accommodate one patient only to ensure optimal infection control. The ICU as a whole is organised for the greatest possible patient security, a central nursing station allows for personalised observation of each patient. Each room is equipped with its own Marquette monitors, Draeger ventilators and Fresenius infusion pumps. Our highly skilled ICU nursing team keep close observation of the rooms (1 nurse per 2 patients) 24-hours a day. Anaesthesiologists are also on duty 24-hours a day to provide for our ICU patients’ care.
A specified number of days in ICU are included in some surgical packages. However, ICU procedures for medical cases are not charged as packages but are billed per day. The basic daily cost includes doctor fees, 24-hour nursing care, one chest x-ray, one set of regular biological studies, monitoring, oxygen therapy, basic IV fluids, dressings and other one-time use disposable medical items.
For further information, you can call our Hotline at (84-511) 3679555